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Saw my squirrels for the last time today.

So, I got to see my babies for the last time before they get released sometime next week. I made up an excuse to see them. I had extra rodent blocks for them that I ordered right before I had to get rid of them, so I offered them to Nicky, the squirrel rehabber.

I'm so proud of them. Sad at the same time, because I'll miss them more than they know. Apparently, they are about to start mating season, so they'll get little squirrel girlfriends. I cried some more, but I know they'll be okay.

Good News

We're not evicted, and I FINALLY got a hold of Nicky, the rehabber of my squirrels. I get to say goodbye to them either tomorrow or Friday. I'm happy, but at the same time I'm nervous that they won't remember me.

Chris sent me some letters that I got today in the mail. He had written them from the squirrels. Apparently, they're part of a series called "World's Smallest Letters" and they were really cool.
He pretended not to know what they were. Here's what he wrote from their point of view:
From Vyvyan:
"Hi, Mom!

I wanted to send you a letter to let you know Neil and I is alright. I told him to send one too but I's not sure he's doin's it, he's nommin a apple from the bowl. I is sorry I made you cry when you let me go, I was lookin' at the trees mom and I felt bad that you was goin' to miss us. We is havin funs today, I's can jump really far! Neil keeps lookin' at me, he wants me to come and eat. I promise I's goin' to write to you again, cuz I don't want you to cry no more.
Thanks for loving us Mom.
I love you,

Yeah, I started crying.

From Neil:
"Hey Mom!

Vyvyan said I should write to you cuz you had a sad, he said you missed us a whole bunch. I's sorry we made you cry, it's okay cuz I like it here, everything smells nice and there are vines to nibble on. Is Dad okay? He didn't look happy that we had to go. I's excited though, I heard there would be girl squirrels in our new home! I's goin' ta have babies and name them after you and Dad, cuz you took care of us when we didn't know nothin'. We's on an adventure, and I promise I's goin' to write to you wherever we go, is that okay Mom?
I love you very much,

Even though I know my boyfriend wrote them, in a way they are very comforting. If they remember me when I go to see them one last time, I know I will be okay.

I get to see Watchmen in IMAX this weekend. Huzzah for some BIG BLUE DONG and Ozy being a fierce bitch.

Watchmen and Landlord Update

So I saw the 12:01 showing of Watchmen and it was incredible. I haven't finished the comic yet, since it is massive, but the parts I had read were almost dead on. Plus, Veidt is one fierce bitch. I really liked it. Great music too!

So on Thursday Chris and I had to go talk to our landlords about our apartment. Now, they threatened to evict us if we didn't get rid of the babies. We did that and complied completely. They then requested an inspection of the apartment, set for today at 11 am, to make sure the apartment didn't smell like squirrel urine and no damage had been done. We agreed (not that we could disagree) and didn't go to sleep until 6:30 in the morning because we were cleaning and painting the bits where they squirrels had chewed on the wood. We also had to decorate to distract them from seeing any bite marks.

So, one of the landlords, Cheryl, comes over at 11 am, and we talk for about an hour. She was really impressed with the state of the apartment, but said that the owner had given us a 30 days notice. He wants to evict us, even though we have done everything they asked. The owner is known as a grade A asshole, yet he lets alcoholics and people who beat up their wives stay here, knowing very well what is going on. We had to call the cops on our downstairs neighbors one night because the husband was beating on his wife. Cheryl said that she really likes us, and that she was going to call him and try to convince him to let us stay. We have nowhere to go. And to top it all off, a bunch of people from the complex are leaving/have left due to the economy and not being able to pay rent. So Chris and I have to wait until Monday to see if we're evicted or not. I hate this sitting on pins and needles shit. I need to know ASAP if I have to find a new place to live. I hope that she can change his mind, otherwise not only are we screwed, but I gave up my baby squirrels that I love so dearly, for no reason.


I miss my babies. I hope I get to see them before they are released. Apparently they're living the good life of being outdoors and eating apples and avocados. But they still sleep in their little house we got them from PetCo, which is a nice thought. I hope they don't forget about me.


This morning we brought the babies to a rehabber. They were not happy to be in their cage, and were terrified when we took them out of the cage into their new enclosure. I am absolutely heart broken, as this was the one time where they let me touch them as much as they wanted.

They woke me up this morning around six am by playing around in our closet. I could tell that they knew something was wrong when I took down their fabric ark that we had gotten at PetCo. That is where they sleep at night. When we got there, the lady was very nice and said that I could visit another time or two. The night before when I spoke with her on the phone she had told me no, but I guess she saw my blubbering and took pity on me.

I called her this evening to see how they were doing, and she told me that they were exploring and climbing a whole bunch, but that they didn't sleep in the box that she had provided for them. They went to sleep inside their little fabric ark, as they have always done. They still know what's home for them.

I hope my baby squirrels remember me. Also, I have uploaded videos I have of them being cute. Highly worth checking out. http://www.youtube.com/user/jenniferodom

Fuck my life.

I have to get rid of my babies. The landlords saw them in the window and if I don't get rid of them by Monday, we're getting evicted.

Needless to say, I've been crying the past 5 hours.

It's okay, little ones. You'll have a better life now.

I love my baby squirrels.

They are my world. I feel as if they are my own flesh and blood. Every morning they run into my bed and nibble on my fingers and toes to get me to wake up. They even know when it's time to go to bed, and go directly into their bed when I turn out their full-spectrum light.

I worry when their food is low. I'm always looking for new toys/treats/fruits/veggies for them to try out. I worry when I'm not at home with them. Sure, they destroyed my toaster, but I don't LOVE my toaster.

And their testicles are coming in! Hilarious.

My squirrels make me so incredibly happy.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...

was one of the BEST movies that I have ever seen, and I've seen A LOT of films in my time.

There are also very few movies that can make me cry, and in the theater I was trying my hardest to keep from losing my shit, while there were women sobbing loudly all around me. I wanted to just let loose and bawl, but there were people sitting right next to me not crying, so I didn't want to freak them out. Chris didn't even cry. Hmph. He thought it was a pretty movie, and I agree, but it doesn't change the fact that the film speaks to you. Every time I tried to talk afterwards (for about half an hour), my voice came out all shaky. I was a hot mess.

Everyone reading this, please go see this film. It's three hours, but very worth it. And if you don't cry, I will eat my shoe.

New Year's Resolutions

My goals for 2009:

- Get back to the weight I was happy at - 110 lbs. (8 pounds to go!)
- Visit Texas more often and hang out more with friends.
- Be more assertive and stop taking crap from people.
- Learn to love myself.
- Beat my Hypothyroidism.

By the way, I'm totally on a Fiona Apple kick right now. Hooray for angsty girl music!

So long, 2008!

It's been a hell of a ride. Here are the things I'm grateful for that has happened in the past year:

- Finally joining a gym (I was there today too), and losing ten pounds healthily before my thyroid kicked in.
- Getting my pet baby squirrels, who are currently sleeping above the fridge.
- Making up with my ex, and becoming good friends.
- Moving into a new apartment that is UH-mazing.
- My magical, wizard iPhone.
- Doing very well in school!
- Spending my summer at Camp Ojai, for the sixth year, and being made Color War General. Goodbye, Camp Ojai. You will be greatly missed.
- And last but not least, my wonderful boyfriend, Chris. I love you, darling, and I can't wait to get all old and saggy with you.

Though I have to admit, I'm really missing my Texas friends right about now. No parties for Jenn!

Alright, 2009, whaydda got in store for me?

Guess who I met at Phoenix airport?


Turns out we were even on the same flight to Dallas! We talked a few different times, and I thought she was taller, but apparently she's like a hair taller than me (which is 5'4)! I finally got the guts to ask her for a photo. I've never done that before. Hooray for assertiveness.

Excuse us looking like crap. I blame airport lighting and the fact we had been traveling all day.

On an even better note, I got ALL of my Christmas shopping done in one day. I'm so proud of myself.

It's also 29 fucking degrees here. THAT'S PAST FREEZINF POINT. I get frostbite every time I go outside.