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Watchmen and Landlord Update

So I saw the 12:01 showing of Watchmen and it was incredible. I haven't finished the comic yet, since it is massive, but the parts I had read were almost dead on. Plus, Veidt is one fierce bitch. I really liked it. Great music too!

So on Thursday Chris and I had to go talk to our landlords about our apartment. Now, they threatened to evict us if we didn't get rid of the babies. We did that and complied completely. They then requested an inspection of the apartment, set for today at 11 am, to make sure the apartment didn't smell like squirrel urine and no damage had been done. We agreed (not that we could disagree) and didn't go to sleep until 6:30 in the morning because we were cleaning and painting the bits where they squirrels had chewed on the wood. We also had to decorate to distract them from seeing any bite marks.

So, one of the landlords, Cheryl, comes over at 11 am, and we talk for about an hour. She was really impressed with the state of the apartment, but said that the owner had given us a 30 days notice. He wants to evict us, even though we have done everything they asked. The owner is known as a grade A asshole, yet he lets alcoholics and people who beat up their wives stay here, knowing very well what is going on. We had to call the cops on our downstairs neighbors one night because the husband was beating on his wife. Cheryl said that she really likes us, and that she was going to call him and try to convince him to let us stay. We have nowhere to go. And to top it all off, a bunch of people from the complex are leaving/have left due to the economy and not being able to pay rent. So Chris and I have to wait until Monday to see if we're evicted or not. I hate this sitting on pins and needles shit. I need to know ASAP if I have to find a new place to live. I hope that she can change his mind, otherwise not only are we screwed, but I gave up my baby squirrels that I love so dearly, for no reason.


I miss my babies. I hope I get to see them before they are released. Apparently they're living the good life of being outdoors and eating apples and avocados. But they still sleep in their little house we got them from PetCo, which is a nice thought. I hope they don't forget about me.


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