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Good News

We're not evicted, and I FINALLY got a hold of Nicky, the rehabber of my squirrels. I get to say goodbye to them either tomorrow or Friday. I'm happy, but at the same time I'm nervous that they won't remember me.

Chris sent me some letters that I got today in the mail. He had written them from the squirrels. Apparently, they're part of a series called "World's Smallest Letters" and they were really cool.
He pretended not to know what they were. Here's what he wrote from their point of view:
From Vyvyan:
"Hi, Mom!

I wanted to send you a letter to let you know Neil and I is alright. I told him to send one too but I's not sure he's doin's it, he's nommin a apple from the bowl. I is sorry I made you cry when you let me go, I was lookin' at the trees mom and I felt bad that you was goin' to miss us. We is havin funs today, I's can jump really far! Neil keeps lookin' at me, he wants me to come and eat. I promise I's goin' to write to you again, cuz I don't want you to cry no more.
Thanks for loving us Mom.
I love you,

Yeah, I started crying.

From Neil:
"Hey Mom!

Vyvyan said I should write to you cuz you had a sad, he said you missed us a whole bunch. I's sorry we made you cry, it's okay cuz I like it here, everything smells nice and there are vines to nibble on. Is Dad okay? He didn't look happy that we had to go. I's excited though, I heard there would be girl squirrels in our new home! I's goin' ta have babies and name them after you and Dad, cuz you took care of us when we didn't know nothin'. We's on an adventure, and I promise I's goin' to write to you wherever we go, is that okay Mom?
I love you very much,

Even though I know my boyfriend wrote them, in a way they are very comforting. If they remember me when I go to see them one last time, I know I will be okay.

I get to see Watchmen in IMAX this weekend. Huzzah for some BIG BLUE DONG and Ozy being a fierce bitch.

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